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Gabby and Troy were married in college, until they had to divorce. They had two 3yearold twins but they weren’t together. He brings her home to the place she once wanted nothing to do with to find maybe remembering love isn't hard. now he has a son and she has had his daughter, Troy and his new girlfriend who is the mother of his son Ollie are looking for a Nanny in step Gabriella. But now things were looking up to the Bolton Family. Troy wants her back, but after she finally tells him her secret, will it still become Troyella again? Gabriella left Troy and their daughter six years ago. She has amensia and remembers nothing about her life. Gabriella,16,is kicked out of East High because she is Pregnant, She leaves Alberqueqe without telling Troy,the father, about the baby. With a proven track record as the leading single parent dating site, we successfully bring together single parents from around the world.Many happy men and women have met their soul mates on Single Parent Love and shared their stories with us.

Including surrounding areas of Elwood, Country Club Village, Wathena, Savannah, Troy, Gower, Atchison, Highland, Weston, Plattsburg, King City, Maysville, Platte City, Smithville, Lathrop, Leavenworth, Cameron, Stanberry, Lansing, Hiawatha, there are over 581 members and growing every day.

She struggles with her own identity as a mixed race person while holding white people accountable as a student activist, and on her campus radio show "Dear White People." When a blackface party is thrown on campus, the racial tensions that some folks pretended didn’t exist are suddenly out in the open for everyone to see.

If you’re looking for an easily identifiable villain and saving grace in the form of a “good” protagonist, you’re in the wrong place.

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