Pooping sex 2013

Using video recordings of the fecal extrusions and measuring the resulting turds, they deduce that “Despite the length of rectum ranging from 4 to 40 cm, mammals from cats to elephants defecate within a nearly constant duration of 12 ± 7 seconds (N=23).We rationalize this surprising trend by the model, which shows that feces slide along the large intestine by a layer of mucus, similar to a sled sliding through a chute.

(yes, seriously), scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology report their detailed studies of the pooping habits of a wide variety of mammals.Larger animals have not only more feces but also thicker mucus layers, which facilitate their ejection.” If you are interested in pooping, be sure to check out the Supplementary Movies — we had no idea that Panda poop is green! “Animals discharge feces within a range of sizes and shapes.Such variation has long been used to track animals as well as to diagnose illnesses in both humans and animals.She never ate a booger when she thought someone could see her. She chose not to shower after sex because she liked the memories the odor provided.Olive hid these qualities when she first went out with Ben, but on one fateful dinner date she gambled on a bean soufflé and lost.