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Richard Johnston, holding the Les Paul, is the appraiser for Musical Instruments at this event.

Dan and his guitar were selected to be filmed for a later airing of Antiques Roadshow. Dan said his father had played in local bands that opened for country musician Roy Clark.

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Chinese ceramics have had an enormous influence on other ceramic traditions in these areas.Increasingly over their long history, Chinese ceramics can been classified between those made for the imperial court, either to use or distribute, those made for a discriminating Chinese market, and those for popular Chinese markets or for export.Some types of wares were also made only or mainly for special uses such as burial in tombs, or for use on altars.In addition, she is also knowledgeable of French, English and Chinese furniture.One of her sources of training has been specialty furniture classes and seminars by David Lindquist, author, furniture authenticator and owner of Whitehall Antiques; Vicky is qualified to identify, date and appraise period furniture.