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This Corona teaching model has colorful animals printed on round keys and corresponding animal rings to fit on each finger.This mechanical version of the "concentration" game would be welcome in most any typewriter collection. This machine is serial J13-8072733 and was built in 1958. 4 being less expensive as it typed four fewer characters. In most essential features, the following Underwood standards are quite similar through to the end of production in the mid-1960's, following merger with Olivetti in 1963..It probably won’t surprise you to learn there’s an interesting version of a manual typewriter on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington D.

He went on to write the first book manuscript to be produced on a "new-fangled writing-machine." Twain was more concerned with keeping quiet about owning one, so he wouldn’t have to use the machine to pen letters answering questions from friends and fans curious about his new writing tool.

It's also interesting to note (no pun intended) that Tom Hanks is among the celebrity collectors known to fancy old typewriters.

He reportedly keeps one on hand to pen quick notes rather than hand writing them.

Many Smith-Corona portables have the serial number under the ribbon cover--lift up the ribbon cover and peer at the inner frame of the machine.

If you haven’t found the serial number yet—try looking in a corner of the slotted panel behind the keyboard or look at the bottom of the typewriter.