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Candidates in this year's election have attacked each other's wives, accused each other of pants-wetting and traded monikers like "Lying Ted" and "Little Marco." Casual observers might be tempted to conclude politics are getting dirtier.

Whether that's true, a traipse down the annals of American political history shows that throwing barbs is nothing new.

Cars no longer belch the filthy fumes that once hovered in the air and then found their resting place on the stonework.

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Because the body is insensitive to the androgen testosterone, the usual male features — penis, testes, scrotum, etc. The default phenotype is female, so people with AIS have a vagina or “vaginal pouch” (although most AIS women require surgical expansion).Remarkably, only three copies of the first edition of this work are known to exist.The University of Wisconsin Library has been good enough to scan the images of its copy and make them available online along with an excellent critical history of the book (here).My mother (then in her early forties; the age I am now) was chatted up whenever we sat down in a restaurant. Thirty years later, and now more than capable of delivering a killer glare, I was determined to keep my culo (bottom) to myself.My travelling companion, Australian novelist Kathy Lette, had no such ambitions.